Do what you can ~ where you happen to be ~ with what you have

graphic word artist
digital life solutions
haiku by design

The Vintner ~

The world fills his eyes

ears, mind with prose, from his lips

pure poetry flows.

The Sky's The Limit~ Sun, Moon and Stars are in it ~ love every minute

Days full of haiku ~ Unlimited in Scope Can ~
give this world new hope

Standing or sitting ~ sometimes eyes tear, the moment ~ a haiku comes clear

gems on a necklace
bows on the tail of a kite
autumn geese in flight

Social Media

Twitterings ~
I'm googled to death
facebooked cover to cover
youtubed thru and thru


Without scripture and
parable, your wisdom takes
vow of poverty.

business Cards

What's your fortune worth?
No more than a sweet cookie
at the end of life.


Games of Memory
Chess Warrior Emory
"Triple Exclam!!!" Tate

Web Design​

Let your haiku flag
flutter above the madding
digital gulag.

Happy Endings

Please get well soon
Don't fall into a swoon
Here's a balloon

Haiku Artist

Creative Director

Top Goatee

Head Ninja

our work inspires smiles ~ in many different styles ~ for miles upon miles

a sea of faces ~
a dream of equal races ~ fulfilled in places

You can buy a ton ~ of Learning, but not an ounce ~ of inspiration

Butterfly of faith
emerges overnight from
cocoon of belief

Come visit us here ~ at flat earth society ~ follow the handrails

New life stirs today
from seeds planted long ago
watered by our tears

man hours of labor
the real measure of value
in society

the world's your oyster ~ pearls of opportunity ~ await your harvest

Haiku Cookie Jar

a marvelous verbal treat

that tastes good to eat.


Faith Baked Cookies

For the Saints among us

and sinners too!

our free speech cookies

contain a viral message

non habit forming


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